Best Nanaimo Handyman Winter Services

Winter is the perfect time of year to get some of these jobs that we’ve listed below completed!  If you need help with any of the services mentioned below visit our website at

Winter Is Tree Trimming Season – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

The cold months of the year are usually when folks call a handyman to do their tree trimming. If you’ve got branches going everywhere, this is a good time of year to get them cut because there aren’t any leaves or foliage to deal with. Tree trimming can be done at any time during the season, but it’s best to get it done before the first thaw. This depends on where you live, but it will usually be February or March. Once things thaw out, buds will start popping up quickly.

For Cleaning Your Gutters And Roof – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

One of the most important and pain-saving handyman jobs you can do this winter is to clean up the roof. Now, you don’t want to be walking around on an icy roof in sub-zero temperatures, but you don’t need to. Just get your best ladder and put it up. Get up there and clean whatever you can reach, especially the gutters. All those fallen leaves and whatever other junk is going to be all wet and compacted this spring when everything thaws. Do it over the winter and save you the trouble.

Kitchen Renovation For All Those Big Meals – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

A great time to get your kitchens redone is when the holidays are approaching. Whether it’s a little bit of simple remodelling or something bigger, like new counters, you’ve got to get your kitchen into shape. There’s going to be lots of cooking and eating going on! The kitchen’s full of small projects that you can do to improve this space for all the great food that’s going to be eaten.

Freshening Up Your Home With Paint – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

Another great indoor service that a handyman should offer in the winter months is Interior painting. It’s the perfect time to freshen up the walls in all the rooms in client’s homes or even your own for that matter.


Two Sides of A Coin: Responsive Web Design In Nanaimo BC

The term responsive web designing means to create a kind of website that is crafted to adapt to the given layout of any viewing environment. The result is that users across the world have access to a single source of content that is easily navigable with a minimum of resizing, planning and scrolling done to it.
The popularity of responsive web design in Nanaimo, BC has gone up over the last few years owing to the various positives that it has been able to bring in to the field of web designing.  Even Google now recommends the site owners to adopt this technique wherever possible, in order to serve all devices on the same URLs. As the new technology starts getting a grip on the market we would like to take the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of responsive web design in Nanaimo.

The good side of the coin:

• The biggest advantage of responsive web designing in Nanaimo, BC is that you will need only one accessible and fully designed website for all the devices across the world, including desktops, smart phones, tablets, television and others.
• It helps to save your valuable time as you don’t have to cater individually to all the different devices. On the other hand, you can also save money as you are protected from creating several versions of the same thing.
• The link building strategy has to be created only once in the entire process. This can be a huge advantage as you won’t need to establish various building campaigns for each of the dedicated websites.
• Instead of spitting the incoming traffic, you rank your website on the basis of the entire traffic that your one website is receiving. This helps in increasing your Nanaimo website’s SEO performance to a great degree.
• You don’t need to worry about preventing canonical issues and other duplicate content penalties.

Grass is not always greener on the other end:

Beside all the advantages of responsive web designing, there have some negatives as well. It’s imperative to not go with the masses, but choose wisely and incorporate some ideas which have been tried and tested. Despite all these problems, the future of responsive web design looks bright as more and more new entrepreneurs in Nanaimo, BC are venturing out to set up their own businesses.

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Why People Resort to Chiropractic Treatment in Nanaimo, BC?

Face it, there are really health problems that though being attended and treated by professional health care providers remain to be an ailment that continuously afflict us. And because of this, we are sometimes compelled to look for alternative treatment to relieve us from our ailment and for us to work again without mending any pain or discomfort.

Ailments or disorders that frequently bother us are muscle aches, neck pain, backache, spinal injuries and joint pains. These discomforts are more often experience by adult especially the elderly regardless of their lifestyles and diet. Some muscle pains and joint pains are chronic or recurrent for reasons that we do not know why even we are already given medication and medical therapy.

And for many decades now, chiropractic has been very helpful in relieving ailments that pertains to the human muscular and skeletal structures like bone, muscles and joints. Chiropractic in Nanaimo, BC is also said to be capable of treating pain arising from problems in cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It attracts many patients because chiropractic procedure is non-invasive, it does not necessitate surgery or operation but provide promising result. The result of treatment is achieved faster than taking up pain relievers.

And come to think of it, these people do not resort to chiropractic immediately as most of them had first consulted a professional medical physician to diagnose their condition. They have undergone series of test, laboratory examinations like x-ray, CT Scan or an MRI but the doctors could not find what causes the pain.
The doctors will then prescribe pain reliever to alleviate the discomfort of the unknown condition. But taking medicine is often not enough because it can not do anything to take away the pain permanently and to allow us to lift our arms or straighten up our back again and to some, engage in their work or hobby again.

It is in these instances that people try chiropractic treatment. Who will not be convinced to try it if there will be no strings and needles involve especially if the chiropractors will explain that all they will do is to adjust your misaligned spines by using their hands? The procedure of chiropractic is relatively simpler and do not require any confinement that makes chiropractic in Nanaimo, BC even more reasonable alternative treatment.

And most of the people who tried chiropractic have attested to significant improvement from their aliment if not totally removed. Chiropractic has some quackery or unscientific connotations in the past because of their treatment approach but the experiences of the people who experience this alternative form of treatment are now too many to disregard. These results were on the other hand pave way to the recognition of Chiropractic as a safe and generally accepted complementary alternative medicine.

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Why do I need a Nanaimo Accountant?

Good question! Why DO you need an Accountant in Nanaimo, BC? Well, once upon a time, there were no computers to keep records on. Folks saved all their invoices and statements in a box and sent them to the accountant to enter into ledgers by hand. From these ledgers, the accountants prepared financial statements. The entering of the information into ledgers was called book keeping. Now, computers do all that. But accountants do more than bookkeeping. Using a computer to do the bookkeeping helps, but that is only the beginning of the work.

The books must be put into order.

An accountant makes sure that all the expenses have been classified correctly for tax purposes. A good accountant has to have the knowledge of which expenses are allowed and which are not. You see; the profit that is taxable and the profit that your accounts show are different. If you declare the wrong kind of profit to the taxman, you can get into trouble with the CRA and get hit with a heavy tax penalty.

Sometimes you need a consultant.

An accountant can help their clients with managing their business by giving appropriate advice. Your accountant can give your staff training on the appropriate accounting software for your business. This helps reduce the amount of time expended on bookkeeping.

Help in making smarter decisions.

While it’s true that computers have simplified the accountants work to a certain extent, there are a lot of things that he can help you with. A highly qualified accountant can help you with managing every aspect of your business from raising funds to increasing your customer base. Large companies have their own accounting departments run by someone called the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who watches the organizations finances like a hawk. Your company might not be in the position to have a CFO, but you can get a lot of the CFO bang by having a good accountant at your disposal.

We work with the best!

At M Graham & Associates Inc, we are associated with top flight accountants who bring the expertise needed by your unique situation.