Best Nanaimo Handyman Winter Services

Winter is the perfect time of year to get some of these jobs that we’ve listed below completed!  If you need help with any of the services mentioned below visit our website at

Winter Is Tree Trimming Season – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

The cold months of the year are usually when folks call a handyman to do their tree trimming. If you’ve got branches going everywhere, this is a good time of year to get them cut because there aren’t any leaves or foliage to deal with. Tree trimming can be done at any time during the season, but it’s best to get it done before the first thaw. This depends on where you live, but it will usually be February or March. Once things thaw out, buds will start popping up quickly.

For Cleaning Your Gutters And Roof – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

One of the most important and pain-saving handyman jobs you can do this winter is to clean up the roof. Now, you don’t want to be walking around on an icy roof in sub-zero temperatures, but you don’t need to. Just get your best ladder and put it up. Get up there and clean whatever you can reach, especially the gutters. All those fallen leaves and whatever other junk is going to be all wet and compacted this spring when everything thaws. Do it over the winter and save you the trouble.

Kitchen Renovation For All Those Big Meals – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

A great time to get your kitchens redone is when the holidays are approaching. Whether it’s a little bit of simple remodelling or something bigger, like new counters, you’ve got to get your kitchen into shape. There’s going to be lots of cooking and eating going on! The kitchen’s full of small projects that you can do to improve this space for all the great food that’s going to be eaten.

Freshening Up Your Home With Paint – Call a Nanaimo Handyman.

Another great indoor service that a handyman should offer in the winter months is Interior painting. It’s the perfect time to freshen up the walls in all the rooms in client’s homes or even your own for that matter.


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